Japanese national character in February 2020

Buying up of goods by people who have no sufficient access to information
As the coronavirus is prevalent, more and more people believed in faked information sent by individual like “The next thing to lose after the mask is tissue and toilet paper relying on imports from China.”

Later , Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(One of Japanese government)announced that it was a fake information but it was too late.

Tissue and toilet paper are actually made in Japan.If there is no buying up of the goods,the goods were enough.(Please refer to the attached photo for Japanese mark.)

The only reason for the action of people who believes faked information was, “I saw on the Internet.”

There were people who were rushing to saw that other people were buying, “I also have to buy it” = People who are uneasy if they do not act with everyone around

Some people are quick to adopt information and consider themselves to be person who have sufficient access to information , but they are not aware that they are just person who have no sufficient access to information .

Since the person who sent the faked information speaks out decisively, I think that there are three types of these people, which are typical types of people that existed for a long time.

1. A person who is blind and believes in himself( or herself) because of unfounded confidence that he( or she) is righ

2. A person who feels pleasure seeing faked information and acting others in a hurry

3. A person who benefits himself (or herself) by flowing faked information.(Tissue and toilet paper company related people)

The fundamental principle of the Japan Olympic Committee states that the purpose of the Olympic Games is to “encourage the establishment of a peaceful society that places importance on maintaining human dignity.”

If I watch the people who were encouraged or buying up of goods when the Olympics will be held, and if they were attending or supporting the Olympics, I will either laugh or be amazed .

By the way, I’m the weakest in information, but I don’t have a problem because I bought toilet paper in advance regardless of the faked information, and I don’t wipe my butt even if I poop.

Because I’m worried that I can translate it well into English,I also put Japanese below.





さらに他の人が買っているのをみて、「私も買わないと」と焦る人=「周りの皆と行動をしていないと不安」という理由で動く人 が後を絶たなかった。






公益財団法人 日本オリンピック委員会の根本原則にオリンピックの目的は、「人間の尊厳を保つことに重きを置く平和な社会の確立を奨励することにある。」 と記載がある。




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